NanoVit® 1% concentrate

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NanoVit® is a physically acting additive for lubricating fluids. It improves the hydrodynamic lubrication. The hydrodynamic lubricating film is created earlier and has a significantly higher load capacity – the mixed friction that facilitates wear and friction is for the most part avoided. NanoVit® oil structures also exhibit a lower fluid friction – there is less friction in the lubricating gap. NanoVit® is already effective at very low application concentrations.

Benefits and effects:

  • reduced system friction – hence improved efficiency
  • increased load capacity of the lubricating film
  • less wear due to more stable hydrodynamic lubrication and thus optimum separation of the sliding surfaces.
  • less abrasive wear
  • reduced material fatigue (“pitting”)
  • reduced tribo-oxidation due to chemical EP additives
  • reduced vibration in the system – less noise
  • lower stressing of the lubricant through lowered operating temperature and lower additive consumption

The effect of NanoVit has been confirmed in numerous uses, even under very difficult conditions.

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