NanoVit® MotorCleaner

Art.-No. EC-5

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NanoVit® MotorCleaner is an efficient supplement to the software updates recommended by the automotive industry and prevents possible damage due to coking (with exhaust gas recirculation amongst other things). NanoVit® does not change the chemical and physical characteristics of the lubricants used in the engine or the basic data certified by the manufacturer.

Benefits and effects:

  • Complete cleaning of the engine, removing all deposits and coking.
  • Cleaning and regeneration of the friction surfaces. Surface tension and wear are reduced
  • Lowering of the internal mechanical losses of the engine
  • Reduction in the engine oil consumption

NanoVit® MotorCleaner for engines with an oil capacity of up to 5 litres is the ideal introduction to the use of the effective NanoVit® product range.

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