NanoVit® GearRenovator

Art.-No. GR-5

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NanoVit® GearRenovator provides long-term protection against wear for all types of gearboxes as well as differentials and bearings. The specially tuned active ingredients generate a firmly adhering and elastic anti-friction coating on the rotating and moving friction surfaces; this coating has a long-lasting, load-bearing effect and absorbs the entire friction pressure acting on the loaded surfaces. NanoVit® GearRenovator reduces friction on all gearbox surfaces and thus optimises running properties. Through the use of GearRenovator, the oil structure is optimised so that a high compressive strength is created that behaves in proportion to the pressure and increases with increasing pressure. NanoVit® does not change the chemical and physical characteristics of the lubricants or the basic data certified by the manufacturer.

Benefits and effects:

  • Improvement of the lubricating properties
  • Reduction in energy losses, gain in power
  • Smoother gear shifting, less noise and vibration

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