On behalf of the German Federation and States, the FSD Fahrzeugsysteme Dresden Institute carries out investigations and field tests for the reduction of emissions from vehicles with internal combustion engines The institute has been testing our NanoVit® product since 2017. 

NanoVit® is the first lubricant additive in the world to influence the structure of the engine oil through a physical principle. According to the report, a first field test resulted in a “clear (NOx reduction of up to about 30% and CO2 savings of up to about 10%)”. With NanoVit®, “NOx and CO2 emissions can be lowered lastingly, effectively, quickly and at a manageable cost”. 

NanoVit is a good, efficient supplement to the software updates recommended by the automotive industry. As is well known, the software updates can lead to total failures of the systems affected (e.g. exhaust gas recirculation), thus resulting in high costs for the vehicle owner.


Car products

NanoVit® MotorCleaner

NanoVit® MotorCleaner fully cleanses the engine of deposits and coking. At the same time, it offers long-term protection against engine wear!
33,32  incl. VAT

NanoVit® MotorRenovator Set

The product ensures long-term protection against wear, the effects of which last for about 3 oil changes. The use of MotorRenovator is proven to reduce wear and friction.
From 66,64  incl. VAT

NanoVit® GearRenovator

NanoVit® GearRenovator provides long-term protection against wear for all types of gearboxes as well as differentials and bearings.
33,32  incl. VAT

Industry / HGV / large vehicles

NanoVit® 1% concentrate

NanoVit® is a physically acting additive for lubricating fluids
From 595,00  incl. VAT

NanoVit® counteracts the following types of wear: 
-    material fatigue
-    fretting (vibration wear)
-    pitting (disc-shaped material breakouts)
-    mechanical abrasion and erosion processes due to corrosion  

These types of wear can be influenced by the following parameters:
-    hydrodynamic friction
-    temperature and pressure in the friction areas
-    speed of the friction pairings
-    and in particular by the quality of the lubricating oil 

NanoVit® changes the physical structure of the lubricant, which significantly extends the limits of the hydromechanical friction, lowers the temperature and has a positive effect on pressure and friction speed. 

NanoVit® cleans tribologically stressed surfaces, modifies the friction surfaces and forms a plastic surface layer. This layer absorbs the stresses, dampens the vibration, protects against electrochemical corrosion and effectively prevents dry friction. 

The three-dimensional oil structure formed by NanoVit® binds all chemically active wear particles and the atomic hydrogen and thus prevents them becoming active as microparticles and actively accelerating the wear. 

In numerous field tests, NanoVit® demonstrated lower stress under high loads (severe adhesive wear) and thus guaranteed a normal work process.

Development of new products

NanoVit Research GmbH continues to research into the wide-ranging action and application of NanoVit®. More information about new products can be found here.